Sofi Sun


Sofi Sun has been a student at the Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation since January 2016
Here at Kayakalpa she has been exposed to a wealth of knowledge that has its roots in ancient time and to this day is helping the suffering to expand their consciousness and enjoy living a more harmonious life.
Sofi has a background in Fine Arts & Painting at The Art University of Tehran. She has also studied the Lau Kune Do, Temple of Martial Arts with Sifu( Teacher) Richard Tsim.
As a seeker of truth and beauty, she has been exposed to different cultures by traveling and living in a few different countries. In Costa Rica she met a female Peruvian shaman who introduced her to the amazing power of healing plants, music and working with different elements in nature.
Conscious eating and living are a very important to her. She enjoys cooking and being at Kayakalpa she is realizing the importance of taste and the effect that each taste can have on an individual’s constitution.
A disciplined daily routine with meditation, chanting and exercise are the fundamentals of her life which maintain her clarity and concentration
Sofi hopes to be a living example who can help others on the path to enlightenment.