Kayakalpa is a legendary system of total body rejuvenation

Kayakalpa - Dr. Raam Pandeya

About Kayakalpa

Kayakalpa is a legendary system of total body rejuvenation. Originating in India , it was first brought to the west by Dr. Raam Pandeya. Kayakalpa purifies, nurtures and revitalizes the constituent elements of the body, mind and psyche with a series of customized therapy sessions, herbo-mineral preparations, vital breathing practices, dietary guidelines, and daily living recommendations. Kayakalpa begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Raam Pandeya to assess your unique constitution and individual needs.

The experience of Kayakalpa is one in which time suspends. It is a journey which releases physical and emotional toxins and blocks at the same time as it nurtures and revitalizes your being in a unique applied alchemy, transforming the intelligence of every cell to refine awareness of the Divine within.

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