Alepa Therapy

Kayakalpa,Alepa Therapy

Alepa is an herbo-mineral paste applied to the entire body, allowed to dry slightly and then removed to exfoliate the dead cells, unclog and refine pores, enhance circulation and complexion. Alepa leaves the skin soft, supple and radiantly healthy.
It removes body odor, cures heaviness, torpor, itching, anorexia, excessive sweating disfiguration of skin. It alleviates Vata or Air Imbalance, helps to melt fat, promotes stability of the limbs and opens the orifices of the channels of circulation. Alepa stimulates enzymes responsible for metabolic processes in the skin. Dr. Pandeya recognizes the skin as a very vital and dynamic organ. He contends that not only physical toxins are released but also emotional ones.

“The skin is a warehouse where you store fatigue, stress and anxiety. These must be eliminated to obtain optimum health”.