Ancient Roots


Kayakalpa’s history reaches back to sages renowned for their youthful longevity and supernatural powers, the Siddha yogis of India, circa 3000 B.C. Of the two ancient medical systems of India the Siddha system is the oldest. Its wisdom was first transferred from the god Shiva to his wife Parvati, and from her to the Siddhas, who practiced Kayakalpa as a a sacred science to attain Siddhi(mystical powers). Kayakalpa is described in Siddha medical literature as the ultimate fountain of youth, vitality longevity, higher consciousness and as a means to reach the crown of Indian spiritual practice – Jivan Mukti, liberation within life itself.

There were two types of Kayakalpa: The first method, Kutipraveshika (from “Kuti” or cottage and “Praveshika” or dwelling within), was a profound experience primarily undergone by advanced Yogic practitioners and those who had the immense discipline needed to complete the treatment. During a process which lasted from 45 to 90 days, in a process of therapeutic austerity, secluded in a three layered womb-like cottage protected from air and sunlight, the aspirant received special herbal-mineral elixirs. They were sustained by small amounts of a carefully selected nourishment, and entered subtle states of consciousness that allowed them to rejuvenate completely.

The second method of rejuvenation, Vatatapika (from the Sanskrit “Vata” or air and “Tapika” or sunlight), was gentler and allowed the person to engage in the normal activities of everyday life. It was historically given to royalty who could not abandon their duties of state. In the past 1600 years, the technique of Kayakalpa became fragmented and currently in disuse in its entirety in India. It remains as a legend in the psyche of the modern Indian.
Revival of Vatatapika Kayakalpa
In 1979 Dr Raam Pandeya synthesized ancient healing modalities in both the Ayurvedic and Siddha systems as well as as contemporary applications to recreate the art and science of Vatatapika Kayakalpa; a comprehensive system of purifying, nurturing and regenerating the vital energy of the body, mind and psyche. He remains the sole living master of this discipline.