Applied Alchemy


Kayakalpa preparations are made from a wide variety of botanicals and minerals. Their composition ranges from a single ingredient to 96 ingredients. Unlike common medicines found in Ayurvedic, Siddha, and Chinese medicine, Kayakalpa preparations undergo intensive purifications that break them up into very tiny molecules, rendering them indestructible
by the elements that constitute the universe and the body.
When consumed by the body they are assimilated quickly by its cells and the cells themselves are rendered imperishable by the Elements. In this way they prevent decay and prolong the life-span.Kayakalpa preparations are a vast and powerful pharmacopoeia capable of addressing a host of illnesses for which the symptom oriented approaches of modern medicine are not adequate.

However, for the body to receive their remarkable benefits in full, it too has to undergo the process of purification; so that purified body meets purified elixir in a true alchemy of transformation.