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Shiva and the Kayakalpa Tradition

Today, February 27th 2014, Maha Shivratri is celebrated by devotees of Shiva all over the world. This festival celebrates the union of Shiva and Shakti the divine Masculine and Feminine energies. The festival begins with a night vigil leading up to the day of the festival during which many Shiva devotees fast and offer special prayers. Shiva is worshiped in the form of a lingam, a vertical, rounded column, representing the male creative force and […]


Dear Friends, We are planning to build a specially designed trigarbha or “triple womb” cottage made of earth, straw, stone and other natural materials for the purpose of Kayakalpa  Kutipraveshika (from “Kuti” or cottage and “Praveshika” or dwelling within); the classic Kayakalpa treatment of ancient times.  During a process  a process of therapeutic hibernation, secluded in a three layered womb-like cottage protected from air and sunlight, the aspirant receives special, treatments, herbal-mineral elixirs, enters subtle […]

Summer 2013

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new Kayakalpa blog!   We will be posting news & updates on our seasonal events, workshops, projects etc. Sophia Pandeya

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