These nose and ear drops lubricate the delicate nasal and aural membranes, enhancing the sensitivity, clarity, and sharpness of the senses and the intellect. They remove impurities from the head, clear congested nasal passages, allergies, repair insomnia, migraines, rhinitis, improve mental clarity, and memory, are useful in nervous conditions, repair anosmia (loss of smell) ringing of the ears, deafness, ear infections, wax buildup, teeth gum and jaw pain, nosebleeds, remove dark circles from the eyes, and impart a radiant glow to the complexion.

Main Ingredients:Dendrobium macraei Cyperus rotundusSolanum surratense Desmodium gangeticum Vetiveria zizanoides Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Berberis aristata Aegle marmelos Elettaria cardamomum Sida cordifolia Cedrus deodara Glycerrhiza glabra Asparagus racemosus Embelia ribes organic Goat milk and organic unrefined raw sesame oil as base. Made in the USA.

$10 (Net Wt. 0.5oz)


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