Constitution Analysis


The entire universe as well as humans are composed of five primordial cosmic elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In man these five elements combine to form the three biological humors or “doshas” called Air, Fire, and Water.
In modern nuclear physics, these three elements are known as neutron, electron and proton. When these elements are in balance and harmony within the individual, they create and maintain health. When they become out of balance and harmony with natural changes taking place in the macrocosm, the individual loses equilibrium and the resulting disharmony

tends to produce disease. The symptoms of the disease produced are only an outward manifestation of the underlying disorder and imbalance. To cure the symptoms a new equilibrium must be acquired or another set of symptoms will arise to portray a new disharmony.

An initial consultation and preliminary diagnosis determine the imbalances to be rectified and sensitize you to the changing state of your mind & body. Once your unique constitution and imbalance have been determined, a customized program of therapy is created.