Dear Friends,
Seven weeks ago the deadly wildfires that ravaged much of Northern California destroyed our home, the Kayaklpa Foundation library, including our rare medical books and the priceless archive of film and video, our meditation temple full of sacred relics and crystals, one of our guest yurts, our video editing studio, our beautiful majestic oaks, olive groves, bay laurel groves, herb, vegetable and flower gardens, our lush acre crop of grapes, 500 temple and timber bamboo and our tipi. However we are immensely grateful that we are alive and also that our recently completed Kayakalpa Vatatapika treatment center, main guest yurt,and retreat pool are unharmed.

We are working tirelessly to recover from this catastrophe and will reopen for sessions and retreats in the new year. Meanwhile we are in need of your support. We lost tens of thousands of raw materials that were not covered by insurance. Tax deductible donations in any amount, large or small can be made directly on our site:

Thanking you for your support

Dr Raam & Sophia Pandeya


The Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation is dedicated to preserving & promoting the ancient transformative practices of India. These are some of our current projects:

The Kayakalpa Kuti

Building a specially designed trigarbha or “triple womb” cottage made of earth, straw, stone and other natural materials for the purpose of Kayakalpa Kutipraveshika (from “Kuti” or cottage and “Praveshika” or dwelling within); the classic Kayakalpa treatment of ancient times. During a process a process of therapeutic hibernation, secluded in a three layered womb-like cottage protected from air and sunlight, the aspirant receives special, treatments, herbal-mineral elixirs, enters subtle states of expanded rejuvenative consciousness. Please see our history section for details about Kutipraveshika.

The completed Kuti will have a purpose built state of the art therapy bath, or avagaha, as well as an area to perform Alepa and other Kayakalpa therapies. A dwelling area for the Kutipraveshika aspirant and an area for the herbal-mineral pharmacopoeia needed to complete a mandala of rejuvenation. Upon completion the Kayakalpa Kuti will be the only one of kind in the entire world. Estimated total cost is $100,000.

Alchemy Film Archives

The Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation, under the banner of Alchemy films has amassed a vast treasure trove of film and video footage that needs to be catalogued and edited. This footage includes rare interviews with renowned yogis such as Devaraha Baba, Prabhudutt Brahmachari, Baba Bhoothnath and many others. We need funds to transfer film stock to digital media and to edit and release this footage into educational films available to all.

Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible.

Please support these unique projects by donating today!