Falling Into Place


The ancient Indian definition of health is Swasth, from the words Swa or Self and asth meaning establishment of place. Thus defined, health means not only an absence of disease but a sense of being fully in one’s place in the universe, a contentment that comes from realizing one’s potential and purpose in life. As we contemplate our place in the world its important to understand that we are as much an ecosystem as the earth we live in. The ancient Siddha masters of Kayakalpa had a unique way of visualizing this. They liked to look at the phenomenon of all creation as an interplay of Anda & Pinda, microcosm and macrocosm. What takes place in the one affects the other and vice versa.

The cooler temperatures of the Fall are ideal times for rejuvenation and for receiving maintenance sessions if you have already completed your full course of therapy. The reason for this is that these are median times, periods when the outside temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, and consequently, at this time your doshas or impurities are in a volatile state, meaning they can be expelled with relative ease before being driven deep into bodily tissues by the onset of cold weather. Take advantage of this optimal window of opportunity before it slips away. Contact us to book your Fall Kayakalpa treatments.

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