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We are planning to build a specially designed trigarbha or “triple womb” cottage made of earth, straw, stone and other natural materials for the purpose of Kayakalpa  Kutipraveshika (from “Kuti” or cottage and “Praveshika” or dwelling within); the classic Kayakalpa treatment of ancient times.  During a process  a process of therapeutic hibernation, secluded in a three layered womb-like cottage protected from air and sunlight, the aspirant receives special, treatments, herbal-mineral elixirs, enters subtle states of expanded rejuvenative consciousness. Please see  photos of the the Kayakalpa Kuti that we built in Canada  and our history section for details about Kutipraveshika.

The completed Kuti will have a purpose built state of the art therapy bath, or avagaha,  as well as an area to perform Alepa and other Kayakalpa therapies. A dwelling area for the Kutipraveshika aspirant and an area for the herbal-mineral pharmacopoeia needed to complete a mandala of rejuvenation.

We have commenced work on this project(  just completed the foundation!) and  hope finish by late 2014. Upon completion the Kayakalpa Kuti  will be the only one of kind in the entire world. Estimated total cost is $100,000. Please support this unique project by donating today!

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