Relieves menstrual cramps, and symptoms such as backache, water retention, mood swings, irregular flow, regulates menstrual cycle. Promotes total reproductive health. Promotes smooth menstrual flow, gives relief from premenstrual syndromes such as cramps, irritability, water retention, etc. Flushes out impurities through the menstrual cycle. Restores erratic or irregular periods to normalcy.

Main Ingredients: Gossypium herbacaem (Karpas Beej) Daucus carota (Grinjanaka Beej) Raphanus sativus ( Moolak Beej) Aloe Vera ( Ghritkumari) Peganum harmala (Harmal)Plumbago Zeylanica ( Chitrakmool) Ferula Asafoetida (Hingu)

$10 (40 pills)


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