To maintain the purified body, nourishment is a main feature of Kayakalpa. In Kayakalpa taste is the key to nourishment. There are six taste sweet sour salt astringent pungent pungent and bitter a depending on the constitution the appropriate taste is carefully chosen for nourishment. With this guiding principle Kayakalpa classifies all food types including grains, according to their taste, which determines their impact on the biological principles of Air, Fire and Water.

The most important feature in Kayakalpa is molecular nutrition or applied alchemy which consists of herbal-mineral compounds called Kalpas, preparations that bring about balance in physiology, enhance immunity and slow down the aging process.

Nourishing the subtle body is as important as nurturing our physical body Subtle nutrition is the specific use of sound, color, aromas, gems, metals and breath customized for a particular constitution. It nourishes the mind and senses and awakens, invigorates and expands the flow of energy.