The Siddhas chose to purify the faculties of the consciousness, knowledge and action. For accomplishing this they chose eleven organs. Mind is the organ of consciousness, where persons store their memories and desires. When these desires are unfulfilled it creates a melancholic state which produces a bio toxicity known as Ama, destroying the immunity of the entire system and depleting the quality of its tissues. The Siddhas designed certain therapies and techniques for the purification of the mind such as nasal therapy( Nasya), herbal oil cap( Sirobasti), herbal stream on third eye( Dhara Kalpa).

In Kayakalpa the organs of knowledge are the senses, the eyes ears nose tongue and skin are thoroughly purified by means of various modes, eyedrops eardrums, nose drops, scraping of the tongue and exfoliating the entire epidermis from toe to forehead.

Following the mind and these senses Kayakalpa gives importance to purifying the organs of action such as kidney lungs liver colon and heart. This is accomplished by the administration of internal therapies such as purgatives ( Virechan) herbal enema (Basti) and emesis( Vaman)