Therapy Sessions

Time suspends. hours later you emerge as from a journey, a journey towards wholeness and balance a journey that transcends space and time and potentially even the self. In an environment supported by carefully focused attention, toxins and obstructions are purged strength and quality of internal energy is redirected and balanced. The body relaxes, releasing its protective armoring through ancient therapies that purify and nurture the body mind and psyche. Consciousness becomes subtle, releasing vital life energy that allows the individual to regenerate and and rejuvenate.

Each therapy session is customized for the individual depending upon their needs and constitution, is 4 to 5 hours long and is always preceded by an initial consultation called the constitution analysis.

Each hands-on session involves a dynamic and complex application of medicinals and techniques unique to Kayakalpa.Sessions begin with Nasya, administration of specially prepared medicated oils to the nose,considered the gateway to the brain and nervous system.This is followed by Anjana, eye therapy which uses various herbal- mineral drops to purify and nurture the eyes.

After this Alepa, an herbal paste, is applied onto the body with particular attention to the marmas, nadis and shrotas, the body’s vital points, nerves and channels. The paste enlivens the skin, maximizing its ability to both eliminate impurities from the body and convey nourishment to the cells. The Alepa is removed when dry, exfoliating the skin and opening the pores while applying rich herbal oils in a process called Sneha to nurture the skin cells and through them, the whole body.

This is followed by an herbal steam bath or Swedena to further clear impurities
through the skin while allowing the oils to penetrate deeper and cause deeply entrenched internal toxins to loosen and collect in the alimentary canal (digestive tract) from which they are released, using the therapy, basti or vaman appropriate to your particular imbalance, while simultaneously supporting and nurturing the body throughout the process.

The session culminates in a unique hydrotherapy, Dhara Kalpa designed to simulate the weightlessness of the embryonic state. Here, herbal extracts, milk, buttermilk and oil based preparations are poured on your forehead, as you are guided in specific breathing techniques designed to stimulate the psycho-neuro-endocrine and immune systems. This often brings people to “peak experiences” while releasing deeply held emotions. As natural vital force increases your dormant energy is awakened becoming a powerful catalyst for transformation.

A series of sessions is generally recommended, as the results are cumulative and most beneficial when done within a prescribed time frame. Dr. Raam Pandeya will discuss the program he determines to be the most suitable for you, given your imbalance and what you, as an individual, hope to derive from the sessions. The experience is dynamic, unique, purifying and ultimately wonderfully revitalizing.